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The PIDCC / Intellectual Property Magazine - Contemporary Law and Order will be happy to receive your cooperation. Before you submit your article, please read the rules below for publication.

The PIDCC / Intellectual Property Magazine - Contemporary Law and the Constitution is a legal journal with regular periodicity of 04 months, but streaming submission will be accepted economic and technical articles that are compatible with the editorial line of the magazine.

The unpublished papers should be sent via email properly formatted in Microsoft Word format (. Doc). The author should be properly identified by full name and personal qualification, in the text, and in the email, full with full address and telephone number of the author (will not be published.) The article should be accompanied by bilingual summary and key - words tb bilingual. Papers should contain between 15 and 30 pages. And the reviews 02-06 pages, plus essays and tesses. Should appear in the text the date (month and year) on which the text was prepared. Should be used Times New Roman font, size 12, black, without the use of images or tables, spacing 1.5. Citations, if not exceed the number of three lines should be made in the text, using quotation marks, no italics or bold. When you have more than three lines should be detached from the body of the text, with a decrease of only 4 cm on the left bank, in the same text font (Times New Roman), size 10, without the use of italics or quotation in single spaced and justified alignment. Footnotes should be single spaced, Times New Roman font, size 10. Paragraphs should not have lines, the top and left 3cm and 2cm bottom and right. The paper size should be A4.

The bibliography at the end of the text should be made in accordance with the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). The basic bibliographic reference (book style) should contain: author's last name in capital letters, comma, author name in lowercase; point; Title in italics or bold; point; edition number, point, spot, two points; publisher, comma, year of publication, point.

All entries received will be submitted to competent peers. appointed by the Board of Referees ADOC PIDCC Magazine, which will fit the final decision on publication. After this evaluation, the articles without identifying the author, shall be referred for the evaluation of two anonymous (double blind peer review), so that it preceded the qualitative analysis of its form and content. If any of the two anonymous understand the rejection of the article for publication, the opinion that contain this opinion will be sent to the author. Thus, the author of the article submitted may, within stipulated period previously, adjust the text or justify maintaining the original format, leaving the final decision on whether to publish the article to the Editorial Board.

The work received during the year and approved by the Board will not necessarily be published in the Journal of the same numbers year and may be published in subsequent numbers.

Among other criteria, the Council will examine the scientific consistency, depth of content, originality of subject and approach and grammatical quality. Only the selected texts will be published on the Internet. It is the sole responsibility of the author obedience to copyright law prevailing in the country.


The journal is indexed under: RVBI - Senate, National Union Catalogue of Serials (CCN) of the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT).

Articles should be sent to the Chief Editor, in the formats listed above. Through the following email address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We count on your cooperation.

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